The core mythos of Superman

Many of you have heard of Superman. An American icon created in 1938 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, many recognize Superman as the first American superhero. Next April 2018, this American icon will be celebrating his 80th anniversary (since the publication of his first comic, Action Comics #1 in 1938). Superman has many superpowers: […]

The Encounter

Bowman jogged at a steady pace, His breathing was even and controlled, as were his steps and arms. His body temperature was warm enough for his muscles to perform what most civilians might consider a strenuous exercise, yet his body was not perspiring. It was only sunrise at this side of Eterna Prime.  In the […]

Interview with a Bowman James, space explorer

“I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years and it’s starting to show,” the man said in an even voice with a hint of weariness. “How many of those planets you discovered?” the interviewer asked. Davidic Bowman James stared at the interviewer confusingly. “Discovered?” “Yeah, discovered,” the man holding a recording device said. His assistant, […]