My recent resurgent obsession with Transformers

Who doesn’t know the Transformers? Those incredible transforming toys that are more than meets the eyes? Being a child of the 1980s, I grew up watching the old G1 (=Generation 1) cartoons. Although it may look a bit dorky by today’s standards, back then Transformers was just prerequisite TV show for kids. My dad even bought me a few G1 figures. There was Ramjet (a Decepticon plane), Afterburner (an Autobot Technobot motorcycle) who can join with Scattershot (the Technobot leader), and Chromedome (a Headmaster car). When I left the US, I brought some of them with me to Jakarta, but sadly none of them survived till today.

I used to have this toy, but now it’s gone. Picture taken from TF Wiki

Imagine my delight to see two of my old robots toys, recently re-released in our local toy stores.

Anyway, some time ago I’ve started to introduce my six year old son to the Transformers franchise, starting with the kid-friendly Robots in Disguise animated series. My son really loves the animation style and storyline. So last month (in July) I bought him one of the cartoon’s hero, Bumblebee. Two years ago, I bought a Warrior-class Optimus Prime on sale in Singapore, and allowed Zach to play with him.

So there was Optimus and Bumblebee. With no villains to fight.

Then The Last Knight started to play in the cinemas. As gorgeous those Michael Bay films are, Zachary had no taste for that franchise. But funnily, The Robots in Disguise toyline were being refreshed with new waves of figures while the shelf warmers (the previous unsold toys) were being heavily discounted, from 20% off… later 30% off… even 50% off (which I bought a few) and ultimately, 70% off.

In total, I spent about a good amount of money buying more Decepticons and Autobots in the months of July and August. Was it worth it? Well, Zach really loves them and enjoy recreating episodes, and they’re better alternatives than playing with the electronic gadgets.


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