I’m a comic book reader. In this day and age where there are a plethora of media to choose, comic books remain one of my favorites. Why? Because comic books are (usually) cheap and accessible. Accessible, as in it has a visual art that conveys a lot of story, as well some dialog and textual descriptions which explains the story further. It is also sold in many places, and have a low price barrier.

Nevertheless, over these past years.. well, since the 1990’s, I’ve been collecting a lot of comics? How many? Roughly this amount pictured below.

Comic collection 2016 08 04


With so much haul in stored in my place, I decided it was time to meet other comic book collectors and trade with them. Mr Adji Widodo was kind enough to invite me to a swap meet (uniquely called US Comics in the Trunks or YuSit) at Fri3nds.Co cafe.




Meeting the Indonesian Comic Book Readers community


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