I still haven’t watch Independence Day: Resurgence

Back when the first Independence Day movie came out in 1996 I sort of missed watching it at the cinemas. My cousin and best friend, Ernst, did go to the local cinema and queued with the rest of his friends. When the cinema doors were opened, the crowd were pushing and shoving him to the point he smashed a glass door and suffered minor cuts creating a scene… but still he managed to watch the movie.

I can’t quite remember why I didn’t watch the movie in the movie theater, but I watched it on VCD and the eventual DVD release.




Now that the sequel is finally gracing our cinema screens, how can I still not watch this movie? The reviews are in… and many are saying it’s good. I prefer to defer my opinion until I actually see the movie.

Anyway, before I start writing a review, let’s sum up a few popular tropes that are most likely to appear in the film.

Alien invasion – ever since H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, alien invasion has been a very popular science fiction genre. The story of how the US-led Earth defenders manage to repel the first alien invasion by utilizing their technology is similarly repeated in stories such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, V and Battlefield Earth.

United Earth government – I would assume that after the events of the first invasion (hello! We are no longer alone!), the governments of Earth are more united and would offer a better military defense than our current real life governments. Similarly in the Star Trek franchise, after humanity encountered the Vulcans (as portrayed in Star Trek: First Contact), within a century humanity was more united under a United Earth and were starting to be a part of the galactic civilization.

So, should I watch this movie or not?


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