Tips: Koleksi komik – single issue vs trade collection

Ada dua cara untuk mengkoleksi komik cetak.. kumpulkan komik single issue (yakni sebuah buku komik dengan jumlah halaman sekitar 24 – 32 halaman dengan berisi sejumlah iklan) yang berkisar $3 hingga $5 per edisi. Cara kedua adalah mengumpulkan trade collection, yakni sebuah buku bundelan satu alur kisah komik yang lengkap yang biasanya berisi 5-8 issue komik yang dicetak ulang dalam bentuk paperback atau hardcover.


Star Trek Beyond: My first red carpet experience [Update]

On July 18, 2016 the Fiksilmiah community was invited to the red carpet premiere of Star Trek Beyond by United International Pictures and Telkomsel through my good friend, Hilmy of the Indonesian Star Trek community. [Update, some minor details corrected. Joe Taslim didn’t arrive late, but was schedule to arrive at that time]   The premiere […]

Interview with a Bowman James, space explorer

“I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years and it’s starting to show,” the man said in an even voice with a hint of weariness. “How many of those planets you discovered?” the interviewer asked. Davidic Bowman James stared at the interviewer confusingly. “Discovered?” “Yeah, discovered,” the man holding a recording device said. His assistant, […]

Back from a writers’ retreat

Hey all… I just got back from a writers’ workshop led by Mr. Larry Brook. I’m so amazed to be among many wonderful writers, and the insights I’ve gained from Mr. Brook are invaluable. Anyway, I’ve written a new chapter to my original science fiction story. There’s a bit of romance and space travel in […]

The First Science Fiction novel I’ve read through

I remember missing out Independence Day in the cinemas back in 1996. Yet somehow, I stumbled upon the novelization which was localized and published in Bahasa Indonesia. I enjoy reading sci-fi novels, and in fact the first thick novel I’ve ever read through was the novelization of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home authored by Vonda […]