Steam sale is on!

Hey guys… if you’re into computer gaming (whether it is with PC, Mac or Linux), you might want to head to the Steam store… the annual Summer Sale is on, and you can get some good AAA games for a good bargain. While I’m at the topic of (video) games, let me mention a few […]

Let’s get right back into business

Arvin Into Scifi is a view on things related to science fiction. Before you start underestimating this genre (because science fiction is too childish or too imaginative or too sophisticated for you), let me be blunt: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SCI-FI FAN TO READ THIS BLOG. Shénme? Comprende? Comprenez pas? Any questions? Oh, […]

Sudden death

Death is very common on planet Earth. I’m 100% certain that anyone on this planet has lost someone through diseases such as cancer or through injury such as an automobile accident.

Today, I’m dedicating this blog post to Anton Yelchin, a young Hollywood actor of Russian descent who passed away hours ago from an automobile-related accident. He is 27 years old, and was best known for his portrayal of Mr. Pavel Chekov, the youngest senior crewmember of Starship Enterprise.

Why science fiction?

My name is Arvin, and I’m a big science fiction fan since I grew up in Indonesia (Southeast Asia) after leaving the United States at the tender age of 7. In Indonesia, the science fiction shows such as Knight Rider, SilverHawks, Star Trek and Quantum Leap were my cultural links to the country I left behind. As I grew older, […]

Coming soon!

Arvin Into Scifi… a science fiction-related blog published by an Indonesian author. Who is Arvin?   Arvin is a 35 year old male, who happens to be born in Indonesia. He also grew up in the United States and assimilated its geek culture in a very early age. Before he was 7, Arvin was well […]